One more till the end! I cannot believe that this semester is almost over! I am feeling pretty good about the detox. The only garments I have purchased recently have been for other people. I still have small anxiety about getting rid of clothing/textiles.
Well Christmas time is here!!! WHOOO and with that comes decorations! I tried to revamp old things we already had, for instance taking the long garland and making them into wreaths! As far as clothing no real creativity there, but I will have to get creative with being warm!
I still do not feel that I have any apparel needs and I certainly do not need home décor, but I still have a desire to acquire them sometimes. I really wanted to buy some new things to decorate with and we even went shopping, but all that was purchased was some lights and things for other people or a party that I have been asked to host.
I also do not feel anything different about people. I feel that this detox has not only helped me notice my habits of shopping, but really opened my eyes to how other people shop. It has almost become an annoyance now to work in retail.
I guess there has not been a change in my strategies for shopping or fulfilling my needs either. Just staying out of the stores helps the most! I know that is sort of lame especially since its around the end of the detox. I know there is a lot more to learn and I hope to keep challenging myself after this course.