Today, we learned about sustainability. I, for one, am a huge supporter of thrift shops. You would not believe the things I have found simply by stepping out of my comfort zone. My mother and I are inspired by the items we have found. I receive compliments all the time, and admit freely that they are gently used. People are usually in shock and ask me to take them along next time! It is sometimes frustrating, doing the detox, because I lack the inspiration I desperately need in my own closet. I have had a blast mixing and matching my own clothing, but enough is enough. 

Back to sustainability.

I was fascinated by the businesses in El Paso, Texas and Plato, Italy. I was especially interested in learning more about the system and pyramid used clothing goes through. I had no idea many of the items that can no longer be used are recycled as bedding for dogs or stuffing for other things! “Shoddy” is the technical name (of course the immature-person in me thought it was funny the first time my professor said it..she sounded like a modern day rapper saying “shawty”) ((as in “Shawty right thur is a 10!”)) We also learned about wipers, clothing exports, garnetting, and the diamonds. 

Working for a clothing recycling company is something I am very interested in. I would like to help my a difference in the clothing that is simply thrown away daily. This lesson has helped me consider the clothing I plan to donate after the detox is over and how to be more cautious of the items I purchase in the future. 

It’s time to be the change I wish to see in the world.