Hello, detox readers!  It’s sad but safe to say the detox is ending soon.  As upsetting as this may sound, I am a bit excited that I will be able to go out and buy a couple new items that I have been wanting.  I would have to say this past week was the HARDEST of them all.  As we all know, Thanksgiving break was last week.  This is the week when I go home, look through the ads for sales on Black Friday, and buy my little heart out! I was so tempted to go shopping and buy random items I didn’t necessarily need.  Unfortunately my brother fell into this pattern and bought a 50″ TV, two 32″ TVs, and a PS3 at Target!!  He definitely got a fashion high!  I had a much different Black Friday.

Thursday night, Urban Outfitters had their huge blow out sale.  Usually every year I attend this awesome sale and buy practically a whole new wardrobe.  Yes, I did go to Urban Outfitters at midnight with my cousins, but I did not buy a single thing!  Instead of shoving my way through the racks, I helped my little cousins pick out clothes.  I was extremely tempted to buy some things considering everything on sale was an additional 50%, but I wanted to stay true to the detox since it is almost over.  My cousins found fur coats, black lace dresses, turquoise and purple burn out jackets, and even floral tights!  Everything was cute.

At first I was a bit sad that I was not going to be able to take part in the fun, but after a while I noticed how insane this sale was.  People were buying from left and right.  Teenagers were picking up piles of clothes and heading to the register.  It made me realize that half of the things people were buying would end up in the back of their closets and not ever being worn!  This clothing would just go to waste.   It made me sick.  It made me upset thinking of all the hard factory workers who spent so much of their time making these clothes and not getting the money or credit they deserved.  I love Urban Outfitters, but this detox has taught me how we waste our money on clothes we do not need and how fast fashion is ruining our buying habits even more!  I have learned it is important to also buy from small businesses and designers who deserve the credit. Well detox readers, it’s time for me to go, but I will be back next week!  Some food for thought this week is to really think where your clothing is coming from and where it goes when you are finished with it!

Adios! xoxoxo