This past week was so hard. Black Friday had so many deals for clothing.. Cute clothing.  I almost, almost, bought a dress from forever 21. It would have cost me $12.00 with shipping, but I refrained.  If there is anything I have learned from this detox, it’s shopping is best stress reliever.  Seriously. I’ve saved a ton of money this semester from not buying clothes or shoes, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary.  For example, I’m still down to only one pair of jeans… In the winter…. In the cold…. One pair of jeans just is not do-able, and I’m not about to become one of the cliched sorority girls who walks around in leggings, boots, and a t-shirt while their underwear line is perfectly visible, as is their cellulite and everything else that should be hidden. Nope. Not happening. So, I’m stuck with one pair of jeans for the next week, and then it’s shopping galore! (Providing I get paid.)