I am still insanely surprised that i’ve gone this long without buying anything, besides my birthday week i have done really really well and even then i had my mom bring it home so i could wait until this semester was done!

throughout this whole experience i’ve definitely learned about trying out different styles. Pinterest was actually a big help, whenever i was getting very sick of all my clothes, i’d type in a piece i always love and see how other people mixed and matched it up which i think helped me a lot to be inventive. Also living with 8 girls, two of her work at retail stores was definitely a huge relief. I got to go through their closets all the time and they aren’t weird about sharing.

I think this was a great challenge for me and was helpful to learn that i actually do have some sort of self control, not so much when it comes to food but at least when it comes to buying and shopping. I do have more money than i normally have which is nice but i have found other ways to spend it which was dumb of me, but you can’t win ’em all!

I am really glad i decided to do this challenge and it would definitely be useful for more students to try it out, because it’s interesting to see what we can find in our closets and it’s also really weird that i feel the need to shop as much as i always did considering all the things i already own.

But when i do get back to shopping i definitely know what i want to get first! More jewelery, especially chunky necklaces of all different colors and more shoes! Mostly some new boots and closed toe heels because i noticed none of my roommates have the same shoe size as me and I’d really love to get some new good boots!