Coming up on the finish line is nice and this week i went Christmas shopping with my mom and sisters and looking at all the new clothes was exciting! I realized i cannot wait to get some new comfy sweaters, shoes and boots. I am definitely getting sick of not being able to shop because i found these amazing leggings at Anthropology that had fleece inside of them! But of course it was a no-go. My mom i think did buy me them and i will probably get them for Christmas but i’m getting very impatient about it.


I have realized how many outfits i can make with my own clothes though and my roommates which is nice but we don’t have the same shoe sizes so that is getting frustrating too. I also ruined my steve madden boots so I’ve been very frustrated trying to wait to get new ones.

I like all the new outfits i’ve been coming up with and i really have no repeated anything but seeing all the new things out and with christmas parties coming up i really want some new clothes!!