Thanksgiving break has started and there is nothing else to do but entertaining my own self since school is out. Despite the fact that I have two papers to write during break, I could not help but see sales posters everywhere!! It has been such a torture for me!! Those are the deals that hard not to look at, 60-80% off everything in store, etc. Last time I talked about how my dear mom had sent me a long list of gifts “I need to buy” for all my family in Vietnam when coming back in December. So, I have been wandering about in the mall here and there, trying to shop for my family instead of myself. It was so hard to resist the urge to choose a bunch of stuff for others without buying anything for me!! But I guess this is all for the best. Black Friday is still a week away though; therefore, I am saving a big chunk of stuff to buy for Friday, when everything hits their lowest price. 

This is my very first year in my life not going crazy over Thanksgiving week shopping. Words can’t describe how my family and friends are proud of me right now. I am aware of that, so I am continuing to stay strong. On top of that, everybody has been helping me relief the shopping desire these days. I have been taking trips around Missouri, spending some relax time with my closest people. Since school is out, I don’t see the need to dress up everyday anyway. Nobody will be there to judge or comment me, so I have been going all out with sweatpants and hoodies hehe. Fashion Detox project is coming to the end, and I haven’t let myself down even for a single minute. I can do this, for me and for a better world!! (I guess 🙂 )