It’s about that time, the detox is almost over!! I am so excited it has been so tough on me. Since i have been home i have been at the mall, but just for some food! I have not bought one thing which is awesome! Coming home thursday night, the first thing i wanted to do was work and make money! I have been working everyday since i have been home. It is awesome. I am really just trying to save my money for christmas present’s so we christmas break starts i am not freaking out!

Who doesn’t love shopping?! I think everyone does, it is a little get away from the rest of the world. This detox has really helped me save my money though. Even though i still window shop and search online for awesome clothes, I still have not bought anything which is a huge accomplishment. I am scared that right when the detox is over i will go on a huge shopping spree, if i have the money 🙂 Let’s hope i don’t so i don’t buy a ton of clothes! Hope everyone is staying strong. We’re almost done!!