It’s almost over! We only have 2 true weeks of school left and before too long it will be finals week! We are in the home stretch. This is my last regular fashion detox blog before I reach blog #10. I feel as if I have learned a little bit about my shopping habits over the course of this detox. I am not a person in need of purchasing clothing, I am however a person in need of shopping for either other people or for home goods. 

This week I actually thought about trying to be more creative! It was brought on by needing to dress business casual for the state of creativity forum. I have had a sweater in my closet since last Christmas. Sadly I have never worn it. I’ve always wanted to wear it, but I never knew how to. But because of the challenge I decided to try to be creative and think of a way to wear it. 

I had no temptations to make purchase this week. I did however make more purchases of Christmas gifts which might have helped curve my need to purchase anything for myself. This challenge has not impacted any of my relationships with others during the week.