ALMOST DONE! It’s Thanksgiving break and thank the Lord I’m just worried about FOOD!  This past week was rough as I wanted to do some Christmas shopping online. But.. guess I’ll just have to wait. Never hurts to look though right?? My strategies of thinking of others while in a store has been working for me considering Christmas is coming up. I haven’t even been able to tell my mom what I want for Christmas because I haven’t been thinking about what I want, it’s only what I could buy for someone else when I’m in a store. Personally, I think it’s a great strategy that I wish I used more often than none before this challenge. But hopefully, I keep that mindset even when the challenge is over. I’m still learning that this is a tough challenge that I don’t think I was mentally prepared for. I’m learning that I do have a creative bone in my body and that it will surely benefit me in the long run. Life isn’t all about shopping; it’s about appreciating the things in which you normally would take for granted. I have plenty of things and I don’t need more, as much as I may want. I am still as happy of a person as I was before the challenge because clothing and material things don’t matter as much in the end.  I’ve learned this the hard way. As for now, I am trying my hardest and learning to not be so materialistic.