This week has been a little more difficult, but I can see the light and smell the air of shopping! Yesterday was one of my friend’s 21st and we all went out to celebrate. I was extremely tempted to go out and buy something new to sport, but instead I made my way over to one of my friend’s houses and took a miniature, cost-free, guiltless shopping trip through her closet. I found a couple shirts that I’ve never seen her wear that I really liked I borrowed a few of those and was on my way to wearing something not necessarily new, but new to me. This made me excited to have the feeling of wearing something new, without actually spending the money. This has also made my parents and myself happy to know that I have some extra cash in my account because I haven’t been shopping like usual. My creativity has definitely been tested because I’ve had to mix and match old with the older. I’ve greatly enjoyed this though because I have been able to wear clothes that I’ve completely forgot about. Strategies I’ve concocted to help out with this experience have been recycling certain garments and rewearing them with other pieces to make new outfits so I’m still not re wearing already worn outfits. Utilizing my friends closets have also helped a great deal! Overall I’m feeling thankful for what I do have and grateful for this project, it has opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t need to go shopping as much as I used to.