I am feeling great about this detox right now because I haven’t thought about buying anything at all and I don’t want to buy anything because it makes me feel good about it. I don’t really care too much about new things anymore and I enjoy the fact that I am not spending any money at the moment. I feel like I have had more freedom and time to do other things because I am not spending time on shopping and using my money. I don’t feel many changes in my creativity. I feel that I am constantly engaged in creative things so I don’t feel any different. I have not had any temptations so far this week at all. I have been shopping for other things like school supplies so I’m not around apparel items often. I feel great around other people and I don’t feel pressured that I need to have new things all the time. I have not even thought about buying anything new for myself lately so I haven’t come up with any strategies that stop me from buying things because I don’t involve any apparel items when I’m shopping. I believe that with the stress of school and other things going on in life, I don’t have the time to think about buying things at the moment. As the final rounds of exams are quickly approaching, I am more focused on schoolwork more than anything else.