This week has come and went and that’s all I really feel about it. Tried on a couple things at work. Not really to buy, but just for the experience; wanted to see what they would look like since I do not own anything that remotely looks like them. This week I did not feel much pressure from this challenge; not more than usual at least. I did, however, have a mental conflict. We were going through our laundry and closet and found plenty of stained, bleached, or holey clothing items. I know now the effect that tossing them in the trash has on the environment, but they cannot be recycled here in StillH2O; so what to do what to do?! I inevitably tossed them in the trash because I was not sure what else to do.
The creativity this week was an interesting balance of things. We were finishing up our boat shop projects. I tried to incorporate sustainable design practices into the mix, but I also found there is so many technicalities to getting projects done that it can be difficult to incorporate everything by the dead line. Also, with many restrictions and little LEED knowledge it can b difficult to decide on sustainable, commercial interior products and practices.
Again, no real apparel needs. I have found that broken bras can be mended; the washer can be run an extra load etc. I am trying my best to revamp my wardrobe by sampling mixing and matching pieces. I am not much of a fashion person, as stated before, so I, like many consumers go by what’s on a mannequin, which seems odd since I am floor mannequin design specialist at my jobs, but when it comes to my wardrobe it is like I draw a blank!
My views of others also haven’t changed. I am much more alert to the unnecessary emphasis people place on their wardrobes. We tend to define ourselves and mold ourselves based on clothing selection. For instance how we dress in a wardrobe, going to weddings, on a date, and I even have plenty of people come purchase new outfits for funerals!
I, personally, have not come up with any new strategies for not shopping. I am trying to do better about fixing holes and broken zippers instead of just tossing them into the trash, but there is only so much I can accomplish.

No unique strategies to fill needs this week either. I did not need any to be filled!