I am starting to feel guilty at how much I want to shop. I have been getting reflective this week at my past shopping. It’s sad to see that I have been spending money that I could have saved or used more wisely. Although this challenge has been harder than I thought, it’s teaching me that my shopping habits are in need of a change and not just with clothes purchases. It’s all the shopping I do.

My creativity is still lack luster but a lot of the reason is that I just haven’t had much time to do anything creative with school taking up my time. My main temptation this week has been wanting to buy shoes. I want those new winter boots but can’t buy them. I am becoming more into window shopping which I allowed myself this weekend to do. My roommate wanted to go shopping at the booths that were at the football game and I was able to enjoy just looking and adding to my wish list for Christmas. My new technique to stop myself from shopping is reminding myself that I don’t have any money to spend and my parents’ loan is to be used only on groceries and necessities. This seems to be working for now.

Only a little bit left of this challenge, I am really glad that I chose to take this journey. It’s teaching me a lot about my spending habits and how I will be needing to make changes with how I spend my hard earned money.