Although, I have had way to much going to on to even think about shopping or even window browsing, I’m still ready for this detox to be OVER!  I’m ready to add a few new sweaters to my fall collection.  The leaves have finally turned to golds and oranges and I just want to curl up in big bulky sweaters and enjoy the beautiful season.

This week really wasn’t so bad.  I was a little too distracted with getting Lasik on Friday that shopping was the farthest thing on my mind.  The excitement of not having to wear my glasses anymore had me so distracted, this week just flew by!  Everything seems to be going well.. but I still think this detox needs to hurry and be over.  This week is full of school and work so it should be just as easy to get through and then we have Thanksgiving break coming up next week!

Happy detoxing ladies! It’s almost over. YAY!