I can almost see the light out of this dark tunnel.  It feels so close, but so far away at the same time.  I’ve never thought I had such an awful wardrobe until I started this project.  Everyone seems to have nicer, newer, and most in style clothes than I do. If there is one thing I hate about this assignment it is that.  I can not stand being the one now who always burrows clothes and never has anything to offer back.  Yes it is nice that no one takes my things or ruins them, but I have nothing that people could even possibly ruin at this point.  My temptations are rising as I see online sales. This can wait however till after finals as a present to myself.  My creativity is at a standstill like always.  I need to be inspired by something to be creative and not searching websites for clothes is helping a lot.  I just wish this was over soon and than I would be a much happy camper. (that and winning some money to buy new clothes).