It’s almost over. It’s almost over. Tonight, I faced probably the biggest challenge yet since doing the fashion detox. We had our holiday meeting for work about when our Christmas party would be, what to wear to work certain days around Christmas and lots of other things. When discussing what we would wear for different days, they all decided on a particular green/red top that we have right now, which meant they wanted everyone to buy it. So of course I had to be the one to say “I CAN’T!” Not because I’m broke but because I seriously cannot buy it. How depressing. But it WILL pay off in the end. I just wish that it would start feeling like a habit, rather than something I’m not able to do for class. I still find myself excited for the day that I can shop again. So what would be the point in this? The point was to learn something, to change my lifestyle. So why do I find myself still struggling at the very end? I wanted this detox to benefit me in a way that I would not want to shop so much anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot along this journey about living with what I have, appreciating it, and just the simple fact that I can and will survive without new clothes. At least there are still a few weeks left of the challenge to learn and grow from it. Also, there is always room for improvement when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. Not giving up hope yet.