Things aren’t changing much these days. This past week was really busy for me so I didn’t have much time to think about shopping… crazy I know. With this horrible flu-virus-thing going on and schoolwork AND activities outside of school. I was more focuse on getting better than my anxiety over not shopping.

Creativity impacts are the same as every other week. Trying new combinations I haven’t tried before, which is exactly what I did for my seasonal sales interview with J. Crew this past week. I obviously couldn’t go purchase a new J. Creq-esque outfit, so I took what I had and made a whole new outfit I had never worn before. Pretty creative indeed. Like I said earlier, the whole sickness thing doesn’t really have me in the shopping mood. I have felt fine around others because well, I haven’t really been around others. Normally I go out on the weekends or am at the football games on the weekend, but I put myself in lockdown mode with this horrible sickness. I don’t like to be sick and am rarely, actually NEVER sick. So I guess you could say this whole thing is an unintentional strategy to stop me from shopping. I didn’t have any fashion needs to fulfill in the past week so no creative strategies were implemented this time around. I have hardly worn anything besides t-shirts, shorts or leggings in the past five days. Not my kind of day-to-day style but there isn’t really anyone to impress when you’re confined to bed rest.

Once this sickness wears off, however, I can guarantee that I will be back into shopping mood and my millions of store emails I get on a daily basis will start to get to me again. I have noticed the pre-pre Christmas sales going on, but not even that got me to online shop this week.