I used to think that wearing friends’ clothes  and being creative will overcome the challenge of fashion detox;however, after 2 months of not able to buy anything, I feel difficult again. Borrowing clothes from friends and being creative do help for a while, but in general people are most comfotable wearing their own clothes. Whenever I’m wearing those tops from my friends, I have to be extra careful. Even if I definitely will wash it first before I return it to my friend, but the fact that the top is not mine and that I can not do whatever I want with it just makes me uncomfortable.

  Creativity is also a short-term solution for me because even famous fashion designers can run out of ideas, now I’m reaching to the point that only new clothes can satisfy my need. During the day when I talk to my friends, I have to always avoid any topics or conversations related to shopping. At night when I’m alone in the room, I can not help going to forever 21 or wet seal’s website, looking at those newly coming out and making my shopping plan after the fashion detox. I have a strong fear that after the fashion detox, I can not even stop myself from shopping crazy, and maybe spend a lot more than I usually spend for a whole semester.

     I think I should definitely reduce my time on shopping but being in fashion detox and not allowed to buy any fashion items at all just makes me even more thirst about buying. However, i do think that fashion detox helps me understand a lot better about myself, my shopping habits and my temptations for shopping.