So excited that I have adhered to be a fashion detoxer till now. It is almost the end of this semester after the thanksgiving break. Reviewing what I learned from the previous lectures, I will not hesitate to say I learned a lot not only from the lectures but also from the projects as a student in engineering major. In the lectures, Dr. Hawley taught us the basic knowledge of culture construction, metatheory, what is world view, how Scottish Dress Culture impress people’s lives and why people would like to do do plastic ¬†operation to change themselves.

The sari project and love and loss project impress me a lot as well. They took me a long time to think and organize what I am going to write and express my idea. Although it is a kind of hard for me to write English, I obtain a lot from them.

Next week is thanksgiving break and I will continue my fashion detox career till the end!