Thanksgiving break is almost here! I have been so overwhelmed with school I am defiantly ready for a break. School has been very stressful this semester and money has been tight. Like i have said in my previous post, when i am stressed i want to shop! Good thing money is tight for me this semester or else i would have an all new wardrobe by now!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and relaxing. I can not wait to relax! I love getting cozy by the fire and having a relaxing night hanging out with my parents. The good thing about thanksgiving break is that I am always so busy with my family, I don’t really have time to shop. My mother always want to go shopping on black friday for christmas gifts. I will probably go with her but will not be buying anything because of my tight budget! When Christmas starts approaching i will be worried when i look at my bank account. Buying gifts for other people is something i really do enjoy. It makes me feel better about myself knowing i am spending my money on someone else!