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I have tried so hard to not buy any new clothes. I have done particularly good compared to my old shopping habits. I know that if I was home in St. Louis, I would be shopping a lot more than I am now in Columbia. I do not like Columbia’s mall as much as I love the mall back home! 1) Because the Columbia mall does not have as many stores as the mall at home, 2) I am so used to the mall at home, I know it like the back of my hand, and 3) Columbia mall is confusing and hard to navigate around!

Confession: I bought a new dress from the bookstore yesterday. But if you saw it you would think the same thing… I must have it! The top part of the dress is black and has a high neckline, but dips lower in the back. It has sheer long sleeves and then a chevron skirt in black and creme. It is so absolutely adorable and I just could not miss the chance to get it. I need to stop going to the bookstore!

I recently got a job at Dillard’s in the Columbia Mall. I have been training for three days so far and I like it a lot. I am excited to get on the sales floor and start making sales! The uniform is business casual, no jeans, the usual for a laid back business. I love it because I can wear leggings, a long sweater and boots, or black jeggings, or a dress, or business pants, etc. There are countless number of outfits that I can find in my closet, and for now it wont be necessary to buy anything new. I know that by the new year I will want to start purchasing some new outfits, especially at Dillard’s since I will earn a discount.