The thought of wanting to purchase clothing for myself has not been a problem for two weeks now. Maybe it is because I have been able to begin buying things for Christmas and that has been substituting a need to purchase things for myself. I reached a new high this week though in that I obtained MVC status on one of my credit cards. I recently made some Christmas present purchases which brought me up to this status. Now I will be getting bombarded more with special offers and extra coupons which could make it more difficult to stop myself from buying things for my own use. Currently I have a free $10 with my credit card and a 15% off coupon that will expire fairly soon.

Again my creativity has not been challenged very much, maybe it’s because I’ve never been all that creative with my clothing or maybe it’s because I no longer care as much as I did in high school. Back in high school I wore headbands, vests, skinny jeans, and v-neck shirts almost every day. I always tried very hard to look put together. Now days, I stick to jeans and a t-shirt mostly. This challenge has not been impacting my relationships or how I feel around others. I think a lot of my peers have completely forgotten that I am even participating in this detox.