This week I hate to confess, but I CAVED! I CAVED I CAVED I CAVED, and I’m super upset about it. I was out of town this past weekend in Memphis for a formal and I caved and bought a sweater while I was there. I was thinking that it was okay just because I was on vacation. I guess after thinking about it, I don’t regret it all that much. I mean, to have gone this long without caving, I’m actually rather proud of myself! However, now I’m worried that since I caved, it will be more difficult for me to “hop back on the saddle” and finish out the detox. I am over half way done and am crossing my fingers that I will be able to finish out strong. I am feeling pretty guilty but also thinking about it and looking back, proud at the same time for having made it this far. Wish me luck!