Putting together Halloween costumes is probably the biggest fashion struggle in any girl’s life. Even with the costumes I bought in the past, I usually did not like how the outfit looked. This past week happened to be Halloween, so I knew assembling an outfit without shopping was going to be nearly impossible. However, it ended up being quite the opposite. My friends and I decided we all wanted to be the 101 Dalmatians. This was an easy costume for people to make and it was a great costume for our large group of friends. My only challenge was I needed a white t-shirt to cut up to make a t-shirt dress. Luckily, before I went off to college, I bought a big set of oversized white t-shirts. I tried to be creative when I had to make the black spots. Everyone else went out and bought black felt. However, I did not want to shop and break my promise. While my friends went out to buy the black felt, I decided to turn to my craft box. This strategy failed, but amongst my school supplies I luckily found black duct tape. This allowed me to avoid shopping all together. I fulfilled my need by cutting black duct tape into circles and pasting them onto the white t-shirts. I borrowed red ribbon from my friend for a dog collar. For a nametag, I cut a yellow post-it note into a circle and taped it down on the ribbon. I wore black heels and to finish the look, I used black eyeliner to draw on a dog nose. I even wore pigtails in my hair to make it look like dog-ears. I did not feel deprived this week since all my friends were wearing the same outfit. Around other people that night, I felt confident in how my outfit turned out. Overall, my friends’ and my costumes was a success and I was very pleased in how we all looked!