Throughout the week I am so busy that shopping doesn’t even enter my mind. Papers, exams, and projects seem to keep me busy from sun up until sun down. My problem time would be the weekends. I always find myself wanting to online shop or go to the mall during my free time. Especially when my parents come to town for football games (they have season tickets, so it is almost every weekend). My mom still finds it hilarious to taunt me about it. And my dad seems to be clueless about what I am participating in. Funny since I am doing this for him. But my strategies all seem to be working as I have not caved yet. 

But this weekend has been harder than all of the rest. My dad gets a lot of free Southwest Reward points because he travels a lot for business. So this weekend my family was lucky enough to go to Seattle, Washington for a small getaway. One problem- we are right in the middle of downtown… It consists of shop after shop. Three story buildings of all of my favorite shops. Walking past them everyday has been torturing. And what doesn’t help is the fact that my sister is not doing this and goes in almost everyone while I wait outside with my dad. I have one more half day here to avoid shopping. Hopefully I will not cave!