I was and am in a huge dilemma due to the challenge this week. My boyfriend’s birthday is Saturday and I do not know what to get him. Well, better yet, make him. I decided not to purchase any clothing items, including gifts for others, because that would be too easy for me to shop for myself. I must admit, I am a strategic and creative person, just like he is. So you would think that making a gift for someone would be easy for me, but when this guy is artistic and picky about everything himself, I honestly am still confused.

Thankfully, I had purchased a vintage army jacket during the summer time that is a size he can fit and I want to customize it with random things. I don’t have much fabric, but I wanted to use some denim patches from some of my old jeans to make the army jacket look more urban and destroyed. Also, I think I am going to add some of the studs from the belt I destroyed last week to the collar. I have a feeling this is going to look cool. I hope he likes the jacket and if he does not like it…then that will be another dilemma that I shall hopefully not encounter.

I am almost to the point of being overwhelmed by the detox challenge, but it has saved me a lot of time and money as well. Though it is hard, I still am very thankful for having the chance of actually telling myself NO when it comes to shopping and following through completely. A couple of weeks left and I hope I maintain this self control.