As far as shopping goes, this week presented no challenges.  I did have a decently busy week of schoolwork, which always helps distract from my want to shop.  That being said, I did have to run a bunch of errands one day and found myself inside of Swank, one of my favorite stores in Columbia.  I was with friends so they reminded me that I’m not allowed to buy anything and I stood by my fashion detox pledge with help from my friends, thankfully.  Honestly, without them there I probably would’ve broken and bought a few items.  For some reason, probably because I was so busy and had other things on my mind, when I saw something that I liked in the store I immediately moved to try it on and buy it.  However, as I said, luckily my friends were there to put me back in my place and drag me out of the store without my new unnecessary purchase.

As Christmas approaches and deals begin to come up on clothing I’m sure many more temptations will arise, but so far the cheating on my detox has been minimal thanks to good friends and my steadfast self-control.