How am i feeling? I’m feeling great! how has this challenge impacted my creativity? I am still not sure it has. I think the challenges of being a newly wed has effected my shopping creativity much more in this area. For instance, though i am allowed to buy clothing presents for others by the rules of the detox, I’ve been making presents instead, for economic reasons, and instead of buying my husband new dress shoes for work when the soles came apart. We repaired his shoes with shoe goo and shoe polish.  I have not been tempted to shop for myself this week. This challenge has still not impacted the way I feel around others. I did not utilize any strategies this week to keep from shopping, I have been too busy with school to shop. The only thing I creatively did to fulfill an apparel need was to use a safety pin to hold my pants tighter, but even if i could shop, jeans just are not made that will fit me. I am too small around and too tall.  For now, a safety pin works better than buying new pants to fix the problem.