For a project in one of my textile classes, I had to go to Dillard’s to observe the store ambiance. Oh, I observed the ambiance alright, but I also observed all the shoes, the purses, and the clothes. To everyone else in the store, I probably looked like I was deprived, but it is because I am! I saw all these other girls having fun shopping and buying those awesome Steve Madden boots while I felt like I couldn’t even pick anything up to look at because it hurt too bad! I quickly made some notes and had to leave because the pain was too much to bear!

During Thanksgiving break I know I will be tempted to go shopping with my mom in Dallas, but I will have to resist since I have been strong this whole time. Maybe I can begin knitting scarves again, but do you think that will count as consumption? I feel like we needed some more guidance on what we can and can’t do during this detox because I really want to rent a dress from Rent the Runway for a fall wedding I have coming up soon. But does it count as buying clothing if you are renting it and then will return it? Again, I have so many questions! I guess it will just be best if I stay on the safe side and don’t have anything to do with anything fashion related (I don’t want to sabotage the detox so late in the game!)

However, to relieve some of the anxiety from not being able to shop, I have started my Christmas list already. Since I haven’t been able to go shopping, I feel like I don’t even know what’s in my favorite stores to even put on my list! I will have to use my favorite magazines like InStyle and Elle to guide me in compiling this year’s list. I do know I want another pair of riding boots and some colored jeans in mustard yellow and a crimson pair since it is the hottest fall color this year!

I am also about to start a book called Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline for one of my textile classes. I am very excited to read the book because I think it will help inspire me in the last few weeks of the detox because it discusses overconsumption of clothing as a result of America’s fast fashion habits. I think the book will ultimately help me alter my consumption habits and inspire me to finish the detox strong!