So I had no true urges this week. Luckily, I do not celebrate Halloween so I had no reason to buy anything, let alone try to be creative and think of something. I am getting used to this “NO SHOPPING” thing you could say. I would be lying though if I said I wasn’t ready to buy new things. I mean, I did tell you guys I already had my list planned out on what I was going to purchase when this countdown was O V E R. I was just thinking about something random the other day. The Fashion Detox becomes easier to be involved with when you have so many supportive people who are doing the same thing. Of course, no one is perfect so if I slip up, it is nice to know I am not alone. If I am having urges, but standing strong, it is truly nice to know I am not the only one. Enough with my rants though. Happy detoxing!