This project has made me even more anxious for Christmas than I already was because hopefully my presents will be clothes. Christmas is also after this experiment, so it will be nice to accept gifts without the guilt and to go shopping and be able to enjoy it. I’ve had many temptations but for the most part have been able to avoid them, I do have an informal coming up in December that might be hard to avoid a new dress. I’ll see what I can do. Around others, this project hasn’t really changed my mood as far as I know. I think there are many other factors that would affect my mood before not being able to shop would. My creativity has been impacted but in a different way than it would if I were to shop. Being able to shop would allow my creativity to buy new things and match new things with old things, whereas now my creativity has to be focused on matching old with old. I like the challenge though. I still am enjoying borrowing from roommates and friends because I can pursuade them to purchase and I can still wear new things.