Happy Sunday November 4, 2012, fellow Fashion Detoxers! Since Halloween has passed this puts us all officially in HOLIDAY SEASON. Am I the only one seeing this rampage of holiday commercials on the TV lately? Well, all of this holiday festiveness is making me ache inside. I mean, look at all the over sized sweaters and boots that are hitting the market now. The temptation to spend spend spend is growing inside of me, but I know I can stay strong.

My friend’s birthday is coming up so I decided to go to the Mizzou Bookstore to buy her a cute shirt to wear. It was so extremely hard to just go into that store and buy my friend a shirt. I seriously just wanted to try on all the new half-zip fleece Mizzou warm-ups and splurge my money like crazy. Even though it took a lot of willpower, I somehow left the bookstore with only one item and it was the shirt for my friend.

I am growing so much from this challenge, I seriously can’t think of the last time I went into a clothing store and didn’t come out with a new piece of clothing for myself. Every single week makes me even more proud of myself and my wallet gets bigger too from the lack of spending.

I keep reminding myself that I only have over a month to go, and that is motivation enough. I just have to sit back, strap it down, and brace for the last long haul of this challenge, because in the long run I am going to be so happy that I found the strength to overcome my cravings for new clothes.