It has become apparent that I officially have no life anymore.  On top of working fifty hours a week, I bartended for a Halloween party yesterday night for 12 hours.  Who has time to shop, when they don’t even have time to sleep? That doesn’t go without saying that I haven’t had the urge to shop though.  Working = paychecks = money.  Money that I could use on clothes.

As the weather is getting colder, my need for warmer clothing is becoming more of an issue. As I work too much to ever go home, I haven’t had the chance yet to switch out my summer wardrobe for my winter.  I’ve been bundling up by layering garments and wearing my boots when at all possible.  Which brings me to my next need: new boots.  My boots are literally so worn that the zippers on both boots are broken and that the once heel, is not a flat surface.  As soon as this project is over, there will be a dramatic increase in winter garments and boots in my closet. Until then, I will try to remain strong and due with what i own, as well as what I barrow from my friends.