Hello blogging world!

I am actually feeling quite chipper today even though I have so much homework and exams this week! I think I’m feeling this way because I had such a good weekend that I’m not going to let anything ruin how I’m feeling!

AND THE BEST PART IS I ACTUALLY WAS CREATIVE THIS WEEKEND! I went to a date party this weekend and my date and I dressed up Alice in Wonderland themed! I wore an old blue dress of mine, borrowed my roommates flats, my cousin sewed me a white apron, and I wore my own tights and headband! It was the cheapest costume I have ever made and it turned out so cute!!! I also went to a wedding this weekend and all my friends went shopping for a new dress to wear and I just borrowed one from my own mother’s closet and I got so many compliments on it! It was a very cheap weekend, wardrobe wise that is..

So needless to say I really didn’t have any temptations to shop, I felt pretty happy with my cheaper creative choices and the green-eyed monster was not out this week! My strategies I utilized to keep myself from shopping were really just trying to think outside of the box, and borrow things from other people. I am a big fan of borrowing now! So easy and cheap!

Until we meet again,