Being busy helped me a ton this week not think about clothes. For Halloween, I bought duck tape for both my costumes (a mermaid and a hunter) and made outfits out of that, rather than buying anything. For accessories I used items I already had: a pearl necklace, a flower for my hair, a camo-print hat…etc. I got compliments on both of my costumes, so I didn’t feel bad about not buying things.

Over the weekend I went to my boyfriend’s fraternity’s semi-formal. I wore a dress that I randomly bought last year because I fell in love with the tiffany-blue color of it. I never wore it because I had no occasion to wear it to before.

The next couple of weeks remain to be very full and busy to stop. Tests, projects, and work all beckon for me to wear sweatpants and t-shirts to be comfy. By the time thanksgiving break rolls around, I’ll get to pack all my cute clothes to wear at home that my friends won’t know the last time I’ve even worn them because I haven’t seen them in 11 weeks.