This thing has to be over soon, right? It’s killing me! Recently I have found myself talking about shopping on a daily basis. It’s getting ridiculous.

My roommate asked me to go shopping with her the other day and I said, “Sure, I’ll go look around.” Terrible idea. I found so many cute, affordable things that I couldn’t even have. That definitely just put me one step back. 

The longer this goes on, the more stressed out I get. At first I thought all the stress was unrelated to this, but recently I’ve realized what a huge part of my life shopping has been. To go from shopping a few times a week to NOT AT ALL… That’s pretty huge. More than anyone, I think my mom is getting sick of hearing about it; probably because she’s the one I’m asking to take me shopping (ha ha). 

Another dilemma I’m facing right now is what I’m going to do on Black Friday. My mom and I have gone shopping together on Black Friday for years and it’s going to be hard to break that tradition. I’ll probably have to go and just help her shop for herself. Who knows how that will go, though. This is also the time of year when I usually go shopping for my own Christmas gifts. Every year, my parents and I go to St. Louis and do some Christmas shopping. I’ve been trying to get my parents to postpone the trip for awhile longer, so hopefully that works out, but we’ll see. 

Until next week, good luck detoxers!