I am feeling confident still about this detox because I haven’t been able to take any time to even think about what I want to wear the next day or things I want to buy. I have been way too busy to even think about clothes or a certain way to look at the moment. My creativity has been the same. I don’t feel any different this week at all. I have been working on several different projects that require me to use a lot of creative and critical thinking so not much has changed. I did have the temptation while shopping at Wal-Mart today to get some Halloween costumes that were on sale but I remembered that I couldn’t because of this detox. I feel great around other people even though I can’t buy any apparel products. This detox hasn’t put me down much in any way. I don’t have money to spend on clothes right now so I don’t feel too bad about anything. Since I have been working on some design projects, it has actually helped me to focus more on design and not think about purchasing items. Having the creative time to do what I want to design has helped me greatly in not buying anything. Sketching helps me get my mind off of buying things as well. When I get to be creative without having to buy anything, it really encourages me to keep going on with this detox and makes me feel a lot better about myself!