I may have lost the detox challenge by accidentally making a purchase.  Last week my friend told me about scarves that she was hand making for a good cause.  So I thought, “Oh why not? It’s for a good cause and they are super cute!”.  To my dismay, after handing my friend the money, I realized that I had just bought something.  It may have been for a good cause, but regardless, I bought myself a hand-knitted black scarf.  I felt a little guilty after making the purchase, but then I thought to myself that I would be helping feed hungry children in India, and then I got over it.  Even though I did not complete the challenge successfully, I think that helping hungry children outweighs everything else.  I guess I could say that I finally caved by unconsciously realizing that I made a purchase.  I will still try to be as creative as I was before with mixing my clothes and not spending money on material things I don’t need.