I did not have any party for halloween because I was having a test that time. I am really shocked that this semester has been the fastest semester since I transferred here last August. I did not feel the time was flying but every time when I realized how fast the time was moving, it has been a month past already. I still can not believe we only have about four weeks until my final exams, whenever I think about the exams and the projects, I feel headache…….

Since I have said in my last post, it was just too busy to even think about how to prevent shopping because we did not have any time for that consideration. The thanksgiving is coming, but I have not decided whether to go out for traveling. I think I am so tired this semester and traveling needs energy and good emotion, so I am still considering about that.

Everyone seems really busy, and I am really glad that I did not purchase anything during these past three months. Everything will turn to be better, and I am looking forward to a happy ending of this busy semester. Cheer up and go ahead!