I would say that I am feeling less anxious than before. With this weather being so out of control, 90 degrees one day then 50 the next, I have so many options to choose from rather than just one seasons clothing. I would say my creativity has remained relatively the same throughout this experiment by wearing combinations I hadn’t worn before or thought of.

I was tempted to shop this past week because I was at the Apple store in the mall getting my computer fixed. They told me it would take over an hour to fix so I had so much time to spare… in a mall… by myself. I stayed strong though, no purchases were made. Similar to other weeks, I just want to shop when I’m around others with the seasons changing but I have resisted. Borrowing from friends and roommates is an easy way to stop myself from shopping and also utilize creativity. As much as I have learned about myself through this experiment, I’m ready for it to be over, not so I can shop, but so I don’t feel bad for walking into a retail store.