What a bad day for me! We did the capstone demonstration to professor today. It worked very well last night even this morning. But everything doesn’t work when professor was here. Maybe the circuitry was afraid of him. We spend three hours to do the trouble shooting under professor’s supervision. I did’t know why it still doesn’t work. My group members and I were kind of frustrated with it. Whatever, I feel a little bit better now because it is almost the end of our 6 week project.

Well, this should be the ninth blog I wrote since I have been here as a fashion detoxer. I am so happy that I can control myself to getting away from shopping. The thanksgiving break is getting closer and closer. My boyfriend and I were planing to go the the east part this time. We will drive through Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York. I don’t think we will stop by any of the outlets or clothing industies this time because of my program. I do hope we can supervise with each other and stick on it until the end of the semester.