I had the busiest weekend I forgot to post on Sunday. Friday night I went to a Halloween party but didn’t get off work until 12 pm. I had to rush home and make a costume. Then, it was time to be creative. I thought bunny ears and a tail would be easy to construct out of what I had lying around. I glued a bunch of cottons balls together as the tail and glued it onto my leotard. For the ears, I found a black head band and glued cardboard bunny ear shaped pieces to it. It wasn’t the most flattering or best looking costume but it held its self together for one night and worked out. This week of Halloween I plan on borrowing my friends Indian and NASCAR driver costumes. The upside is I won’t be spending any money this year on costumes as I usually spend about 50 bucks on one costume. This year I will be wearing more than one and won’t have to spend a cent!