This past week has been very busy for me with planning around our homecoming game and Halloween festivities.  Now the weekend has passed, I feel relieved and exhausted.  Nearly every day in the past week I have been presented with the opportunity to dress up in costume for Halloween.  Having dressed up last weekend, I felt like a bit of a scrooge at Christmas time.  I can’t begin to tell you how many girls had whiskers painted on their face like a cat or with black around their eyes like a zombie.

I chose not to dress up Friday or Saturday night.  However, I put forth some effort on Sunday night when The Mizzou Electronic Music Organization (MEMO) sponsored the Big Gigantic concert at The Blue Note.  Being the president of MEMO, I felt a bit of an obligation to dress up for the occasion.  I didn’t want to have to go rent another costume or spend any more money, so I decided to go through my wardrobe.  I ended up finding my Halloween costume from last year and decided to wear it for the evening. Not many people realized it was the second time I had worn the costume and I got several compliments over the course of the night.  This costume saved me both time and money.  I also find Halloween costumes to be wasteful because they’re often only worn once.  Recycling my costume from last year was an effective and inexpensive alternative to buying a new costume for the night.