After the craziness this weekend I forgot to post on sunday!  But everything went well.  I wore two costumes this weekend without having to buy any materials!  I borrowed from friends.  I was Amy Whinehouse (Classic) and a lumberjack.  I even have two costumes for this weekend, a Nerd and possibly Lady Gaga.  All of the outfit materials for these I found in my own closet, although the Lady gag costume I stole from my sister.

I have been getting bored with my wardrobe lately.  To help with this boredom i’ve been borrowing clothes from friends.  And they’ve been borrowing from me.  It’s a win win situation for all.  With it being fall its been a lot easier to create the look I want because you can have so many more layers.  Plus the weather supports scarves, and I LOVE to accessorize with scarves.  I’m looking forward to when I can shop again though because there are a few pieces that i’ve been meaning to buy for awhile.  They’re all staple pieces though, can you believe I don’t have a LBD?  It’s a shame.  Keep up the good work everyone!