I am still on the right track of succeeding in this detox challenge.  With the holidays coming up though, I do not know how long this detox will last.  This week I have been feeling good about not shopping, and have not even thought about it.  Keeping busy I say would be the best way to not shop.  Spending time with friends and family has allowed me not to shop also this week because my mind was preoccupied.  I am continuing to be creative by mixing old clothes with my more updated pieces.  I also look at Pinterest almost daily because that is what helps me not shop.  I have not felt the need to shop because others around me are not shopping.  I was asked thought this weekend to go shopping with a friend and I had to say no.  I knew that if I was in an atmosphere where I was lured to shop, that I probably would.  The holidays can go either way for me when it comes to shopping.  It is more about getting people gifts though, so hopefully that will not mess me up with this detox.  For now, I am still going strong.