Hello there readers!  It has been another week of detoxing and cleansing my closet.  This week was not too bad.  I actually felt pretty good and did not have many urges to buy.  This weekend was homecoming!  With so much to do on float, house decorations, and of course the football game, I did not have very much time on my hands to even consider buying something.  Friday night for house decorations, I wore my old red plaid coat with black jeggings and black boots.  It was quite cold out but I already had all the garments of clothing I needed in order to stay warm.  For the football game I sported my gold V-neck top, black leggings, riding boots, black leather jacket, earmuffs, and gloves.  Usually for a game it takes me FOREVER to figure out what to wear but since it was so cold out, I had finally felt like I had more options to wear.  Saturday night I went out to a party and usually I am the one borrowing one of my friends clothes but instead she ended up wearing my blue pants and tan blazer.  It made me feel good that I could help a friend out and that she did not have to go out and buy anything new.  I think my habits are starting to wear off on her 🙂

The fashion detox is coming closer and closer to an end and surprisingly I am a bit sad :/ As weird as that may sound, I kind have enjoy coming up with random outfits with the old clothes I have.  It will be nice though to be able to buy a new pair of black studded combat boots, which are on the top of my list!  I think once the detox ends, I will still not buy very much because it has become a habit to not buy everything I see and want.  This is a habit I definitely do not want to break!  Well, goodnight readers.  We shall see how I am doing next week!