Everyone wants to have the best halloween costume! I usually am not the type of person who goes out and buys the expensive customs anyway. I always think it is a waste of money to buy something you will most likely wear once! Let’s be honest, who wants to be the same thing every year?! The good thing about living in columbia is that so many girls have tons of costume that you can borrow. Last year i didn’t even have to buy one thing, i loved it!! Also, we dress multiple nights for halloween so we can all re use the outfits. This will help me this week get through this detox. I will borrow some of my friends outfits 🙂 My family was here this weekend but because we were so busy with homecoming and the game i didn’t even have time to ask if we could go shopping downtown! I am glad it is halloween so i know that i will for sure make it through this week without buying something! I will stick to it!!