How am I feeling right now? Tired of not being able shop. I just want to be able go into a store and buy shoes or a sweater that’s all…nothing too bad. But, I cannot. Now I am done whining! Although, I have to admit my creativity has really been lacking these last few weeks. I can’t figure out if it’s not being able to shop or just the lack of time to actually put time into being creative.

These coming weeks I plan to be focusing on tackling my Christmas shopping list for my family. My family does a drawing system where everyone just gets one name so they only have to shop for one person because our family is too large to buy gifts for everyone. So, I got my cousin who really wants some boots. This means I get to fight my temptation to buy shoes by buying her some awesome boots! That’s a great way to avoid breaking this challenge…buying for someone else!

Mostly, my attitude around others who can shop kind of stinks. I get slightly jealous when they sit there and wave their purchases in my face. Sorry, still whining. Now, I’m done. Window shopping or just browsing online is becoming my way of avoiding shopping plus I get to put some great ideas on my Christmas list.

That’s it for this week…hopefully my creativity will be able to flourish this coming week. I have been having the desire to sketch again! See yeah!