Okay everyone! I know I expressed in my last blog that I slipped and went thrifting to make shorts for homecoming! The least I can do is show you all the results of what my compulsive shopping does to me. I do not have any serious urges to go shopping now nonetheless. How ironic what a pair of $3/4 pants can make you feel, right? I do not celebrate Halloween because I am T E R R I B L Y scared of costumes, mascots, and all those other freaky objects. I mean a serious phobia. So luckily I have absolutely no worries on going shopping for that! Like other bloggers, I am definitely getting my Christmas list ready though and boy is it going to be filled with apparel and shoes. I am usually great at finding deals, but I might actually purchase EVERYTHING full price because I definitely deserve it!

Until next Sunday, Happy Detox!